Welcome to Blood Bowl Fantasy Football!

 Each Week The Team With The

Highest Score Wins $50

Do You Have What it Takes to Compete in the Blood Bowl?

Keep in mind that I want this to be more of a social league as we will keep the same owners season after season (I hope) and we will get together at least twice a year (I would like to shoot for 3 times); once for a live draft, once shortly after the season ends for trophy presentation, and possibly a summer meeting for league discussions if needed.

 Post Season Agenda:

2 Divisions of 4 Teams

The best record in each division will win division title and $75 plus they move to the Championship game.

The next 2 best records in the league (both could be from the same division) will win the Wild Card title and $50 plus they move to the Championship game.

Championship Games: 1st seed division winner will play the 4th seed Wild Card.  2nd seed division winner will play the 3rd seed Wild Card. Each winner will win $100 plus they move to the Blood Bowl game.

Blood Bowl: The winner will get $400 and the Super Bowl trophy.

Toilet Bowl: The 4 teams not involved in the post-season will play against each other, the winner will get $50.

The Blood Division 

The Guts Division 

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